The Great Ziegfeld (1936) Poster

Myrna Loy: Billie Burke



  • Billie Burke : I'm here.

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : Yes, and so am I.

    Billie Burke : But it must seem like kindergarten to you.

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : Why?

    Billie Burke : The great Mr. Ziegfeld, producer of the Follies, surrounded by hundreds of beautiful women, sitting on a bench holding hands, watching the riverboats go back and forth. Doesn't sound a bit like you, does it?

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : No, it doesn't. But, here I am, sitting on a bench, holding hands and watching the riverboats go back and forth... And regretting all the years I haven't known you.

    Billie Burke : Didn't Anna Held take up a few of those years?

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : Yes, Billie, she did. She was truly a wonderful woman.

    Billie Burke : I love you for saying that.

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : Look, there's another ferryboat going across to the Palisades. Will you keep your eyes on it while I tell you something?

    Billie Burke : Must I look at a ferryboat to listen to you?

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : Yes, or I won't be able to tell you.

    Billie Burke : You mean the great lady's man is bashful?

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : Strange as it may seem... in your presence, he is.

    Billie Burke : All right, I'm looking.

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : I love you, Billie.

    [Billie turns to look at him. Flo points] 

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : The ferryboat... I haven't anything to offer you, because there's nothing that you really seem to need. You've made the most of yourself unassisted, and that's grand. But

    [Billie starts to face him] 

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : Ferryboat. You're a great star already, so there's little I can offer you. Nothing I can give you... except my love.

    Billie Burke : That isn't enough... I expect part of your ambition, half of your trouble, two-thirds of your worries... and all of your respect.

    [They kiss] 

  • Billie Burke : I wonder what General Grant would think if he knew we were using the very shadow of his tomb as our meeting place?

    Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. : Well, I never knew the general personally but I have an idea that he'd approve.

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