The Best Films and Performances of 2018

Wow. We’ve gotten here, arguably against all odds. Just over 350 movies later (a record breaking number for yours truly), my year is complete. It’s now time to put a nice little bow on the cinematic gift that was 2018, ladies and gentlemen! As just mentioned, it was the year where I saw more films than ever before. If I’m being honest, a lot of that had to due with the deluge of content on Netflix, original film wise, but that’s another story. I also just always try to see more than the year before, so a stupidly large number like this was probably unavoidable. Interestingly, while this was the year where I gave the least amount of four star perfect reviews (only three in total), I’d still consider it an overall fairly solid year for cinema. It’s just a quirk of the rating system, as
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