Conecta Fiction Festival: Mariano Barroso on ‘What the Future Holds,’ the New TV Revolution

  • Variety
Santiago De Compostela, Spain — In one early emblematic scene of Mariano Barroso’s “El día de mañana” (What the Future Holds), the latest Movistar + original series, Justo, a village lad who arrives in Barcelona in 1967, goes for a walk by the Barceloneta beach with Carme, who works in her uncle’s printers.

It’s cold – she wears a red overcoat – but the sun dazzles. Not much over 20, they’re celebrating their first profits from a newfangled home catalog scheme Justo’s thought up. She talks about her parents’ dying in the 1962 flood. One day, she confides, she’d like to live in a big white house on a mountain, surrounded by trees. They walk onto the sand, and kiss. The world seems theirs for the taking.

Adapting Ignacio de Martínez Pisón’s same titled-novel, “What the Future Holds” is set during the first time in history, save for the brief 1930s Republic,
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