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  • Her credits at New York's Public Theater include: Katherine in Shakespeare's "Henry V", Isabella in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" (1976), the title role in Shakespeare's "The Taming of The Shrew" opposite Raul Julia (1978), the title role in the musical "Alice In Concert" which was broadcast as Alice at the Palace (1982) (1978), Andrea in "Taken in Marriage" by Thomas Babe (1979), a benefit performance of "Necessary Targets" by Eve Ensler (1996), Arkandina in Chekhov's "The Seagull" (2001), and the title role in Bertolt Brecht's "Mother Courage and Her Children" adapted by Tony Kushner (2006).
  • While a student at Yale, her credits at Yale Repertory Theatre included: "Shearwater" by William Hauptman, "The Royal Pardon" by John Arden, Shaw's "Major Barbara", Gorky's "Lower Depths" (1972), Marlowe's "Edward II", "The Brothers Karamazov" based on the novel by Dostoevsky, "The Balcony" by Jean Genet, "Cock-a-Doodle-Dandy" by Sean O'Casey, and a musical adaptation of Aristophanes' "The Frogs" (1973), "The Possessed" based on another Dostoevsky novel, Constance Garrnet in "Idiots Karamazov" by Christopher Durang & Albert Innaurato, Strindberg's "The Father", "Shaft of Love" by 'Charles DiZenzo', Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Lieutenant Lillian Holliday in the musical "Happy End" (1974).
  • She appeared in the music video and sang in the choir on the song "Voices That Care."
  • Provided vocals for the song "Nobody Understands Me" on the children's CD "Philadelphia Chickens".
  • TV commercial for Amercian Express Credit Card (1991)
  • 2006 TV campaign, AID Dafur.
  • Played Cynthia in "Isn't It Romantic?" - Playwrights Horizons Theatre (1983)/ Lucille Lortel Theatre, New York City (1984).
  • Played Dunyasha in Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" - Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NYC (1977).
  • Happy End (1977). Musical. Music by Kurt Weill. Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht. Original German play by Elisabeth Hauptmann. Book adapted by Michael Feingold. Lyrics adapted by Michael Feingold. Musical Director: Roland Gagnon. Assistant Musical Director: David Krane. Chelsea Theater Center Production newly conceived by Robert Kalfin. Staged by Patricia Birch. Directed by Robert Kalfin and Patricia Birch. Martin Beck Theatre: 7 May 1977- 10 Jul 1977 (75 performances). Cast: Grayson Hall (as "A Lady in Gray/"The Fly"), Christopher Lloyd (as "Bill Cracker"), Meryl Streep (as "Lieutenant Lillian Holiday, Hallelujah Lil") [final Broadway role before entering films], Benjamin Rayson (as "Sam "Mammy" Wurlitzer"), Liz Sheridan (as "Major Stone"), Tony Azito (as "Dr. Nakamura, The Governor"), Raymond J. Barry (as "Johnny Flint, Baby Face"), Alexandra Borrie (as "Sister Jane"), Christopher Cara (as "Brother Ben Owens"), John A. Coe (as "Jimmy Dexter, The Reverend"), Donna Emmanuel (as "Miriam, The barmaid"), Joe Grifasi (as "Captain Hannibal Jackson"), Prudence Wright Holmes (as "Sister Mary"), Kristin Jolliff (as "Member of The Fold"), Frank Kopyc (as "Member of The Fold"), Tom Mardirosian (as "Member of The Fold"), Martha Miller (as "Member of The Fold"), Victor Pappas (as "Member of The Fold"), David Pursley (as "A Cop"), Robert Weil (as "Bob Marker, The Professor"). Standby: Bob Gunton (as "Bill Cracker"). Understudies: Alexandra Borrie (as "Lieutenant Lillian Holiday"), Donna Emmanuel (as "Sister Jane"), Kristin Jolliff (as "Miriam/Sister Mary), Frank Kopyc (as "Captain Hannibal Jackson"), Tom Mardirosian (as "A Cop/Johnny Flint"), Martha Miller (as "A Lady in Gray/Major Stone"), Victor Pappas (as "Bob Marker/Dr. Nakamura"), David Pursley (as "Jimmy Dexter/Sam "Mammy" Wurlitzer"). Produced by Michael Harvey and The Chelsea Theater Center (Robert Kalfin: Artistic Director. Michael David: Executive Director). Associate Producer: Wilder Luke Burnap. Note: Christopher Lloyd did not perform on opening night due to a leg injury. Bob Gunton performed as "Bill Cracker" until Mr. Lloyd could resume the role on crutches.
  • Played Edith in "Secret Service" by William Gillette, which was filed as Secret Service (1977) - Playhouse Theater, NYC (1976).
  • Appeared in the double bill "27 Wagons Full of Cotton" (as Flora) by Tennessee Williams and "A Memory of Two Mondays" (as Patricia) by Arthur Miller - Phoenix Theatre, NYC (1976).
  • (1975) Stage Play: Trelawny of the "Wells." Comedy (revival). Written by Arthur Wing Pinero. Scenic Design by David Mitchell. Directed by A.J. Anton. Vivian Beaumont Theatre: 15 Oct 1975- 23 Nov 1975 (47 performances + 14 previews). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Vice Chancellor Sir William Gower") [final Broadway role], K.T. Baumann (as "Sarah"), Tom Blank (as "Mr. Hunston"), Suzanne Collins (as "Miss Brewster"), Anita Dangler (as "Mrs. Telfer, Miss Violet Sylvester"), Jerome Dempsey (as "Mr. James Telfer"), Merwin Goldsmith (as "Mr. Ablett"), Walt Gorney (as "Charles"), Christopher Hewett (as "O'Dwyer"), Mary Beth Hurt (as "Miss Rose Trelawny"), Jeffrey Jones (as "Captain De Foenix"), John Lithgow (as "Mr. Ferdinand Gadd"), Aline MacMahon (as "Miss Trafalger Gower") [final Broadway role], Jerry Mayer (as "Mr. Denzil"), Ann McDonough (as "Clara De Foenix"), Mandy Patinkin (as "Mr. Arthur Gower") [Broadway debut], Ben Slack (as "Mr. Augustus Colpoys"), Meryl Streep (as "Miss Imogen Parrott") [Broadway debut], Michael Tucker (as "Mr. Tom Wrench"), Helen Verbit (as "Mrs. Mossop"), Sasha von Scherler (as "Miss Avonia Bunn"). Understudies: Thomas Barbour (as "Charles/Mr. James Telfer/Vice Chancellor Sir William Gower"), K.T. Baumann (as "Clara De Foenix"), Tom Blank (as "Mr. Arthur Gower/Mr. Tom Wrench"), Suzanne Collins (as "Miss Avonia Bunn/Miss Imogen Parrott/Sarah"), Jeffrey Jones (as "Mr. Ferdinand Gadd/O'Dwyer"), Jerry Mayer (as "Captain De Foenix/Mr. Ablett/Mr. Augustus Colpoys"), Ann McDonough (as "Miss Rose Trelawny") and Elsa Raven (as "Miss Trafalger Gower/Mrs. Mossop/Mrs. Telfer"). Produced by The New York Shakespeare Festival (Producer: Joseph Papp). Associate Producer: Bernard Gersten.
  • Played in "The Playboy of Seville" by Tirso de Molina - Cubiculo Theatre, New York City (1971).

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